Have you heard of the capital of Condroz? Beautiful Ciney, known in particular for its livestock market, is also a land of castles, large square farms, parks and the splendours of nature and of course, history and culture. All a stone’s throw from Dinant.

At the heart of the town rises the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Collegiate Church, a real emblem of Ciney. Its massive tower dates from the 11th century, with a wall that’s 2.7 m thick! Other must-see monuments: Cour Monseu (listed as heritage), bordered by terraces, and its magnificent bandstand, which is among the most beautiful in Wallonia. For centuries, on this square, the horse and livestock market that created a name for Ciney was held. Since then, the livestock market has moved outside the city centre. Also, outside the city, you can stroll to the Saint-Roch Park, which is also listed, with its majestic trees, superb avenues, lake and castle.

Between castles and nature

One thing is certain: Ciney is full of surprises! Between the Halloy Castle, Onthaine Castle, Jannée Castle with its splendid farm and Braibant Villa... there’s no shortage of architectural marvels.  But not just that! In addition to the Conjoux caves, and the Namorimont state reserve, the Ciney region is home to a vast and sumptuous recreational, sports and cultural complex: the Chevetogne Provincial Domain. With its lakes where you climb aboard boats and canoes, streams, wooded areas, many playgrounds and outdoor swimming pool, Chevetogne is the perfect place to have fun while enjoying the dazzling nature.  And foodies may also like to visit the Moutarderie Bister in Achêne to discover all the secrets: from the workshop to the little mustard museum, without passing up a tasting of their famous mustard in grenade-shaped jars. Ciney is full of 1,001 flavours!


Copyright pictures: Ardennes-étape / Visit Wallonia / Moutarderie Bister

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